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With the love and respect your baby deserves, our caretakers provide your little ones with soothing music, toys, and equipment specifically designed to help them understand and practice coordination, motor skills, and vocabulary.


Within these halls, our toddlers’ classrooms introduce your children to the Montessori methods that help build a strong backbone in phonics, sensorial perception, counting, and practical life skills.


After the basics, our Pre-K students are ready to tackle more complex educational fields that emphasize the importance of Mathematics and Language Arts, while solidifying their grasp on phonics, grammatical structure, and vocabulary development.


As parents, we want what is best for our children, and every day, we work hard to ensure that they get it. Give your children a worthwhile learning opportunity fashioned to turn them into well-rounded individuals that have fallen in love with learning, even at such a young age. Enroll at the Kids Village Montessori Learning Center today.

“We love kids village! Our kids have learned so much and all the teachers are amazing. Kids village has so many fun activities year around. Highly recommend!”

Rebecca Chapa.

“The best decision I’ve made for my daughters. So thankful for the staff.”

– Liz Saldaña

“My 1 year old daughter literally shrieks with delight and starts kicking her feet and jumping around for joy when she gets there in the morning. Her teachers are really kind and loving towards her, and she gets so excited to see them. They’ve helped her with a number of things along the way (from crawling to walking to language acquisition).”

– Steven Foy

“My son has been attending since he turned one, and now he is three. The teachers serve with passion, and my son knows the planets, days of the weeks, colors, how to count in English and Spanish, and more. If you’re looking for high quality childcare, Kids Village is the place.”

– Lillial Ariel Tagel


Our particular brand of care and education fosters your child’s social, intellectual, and emotional development through a detailed and engaging curriculum. At the Kids Village Montessori Learning Center:

We promote Christian values in accordance to the Word of God, giving children a strong moral foundation.

Children are encouraged to learn at their own rate of development.

We excel at delivering individualized education, opting out the typical strict forms of curricular education used in daycares.



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How Do I Know If Montessori School Is Right for My Child?

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