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CALL:  956-686-8602


CALL:   956-686-8602


The Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center in McAllen, TX, is a private corporation led by an unstoppable and innovative force in our educational and curricular development, Laura Rocha

Our institution’s success, however, isn’t only attributed to her hard work. Rocha’s business consultant and management team work around the clock to ensure that the kind of care your child receives is a first-class educational experience.

As inflation rises, finding adequate childcare services in the Upper Valley that offers value becomes more difficult, especially finding an institution that offers:


“Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.’” – Matthew 19:14

At the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center, our mission is to support our McAllen community and their children by directing them in their academic development as well as their social, emotional, and cultural education. Our aim is to educate inside a framework of values, acceptance, compassion, and understanding, all according to a curriculum based on Montessori philosophy.

In accordance with our mission, our vision is to become the reference point in the scope of formative education. Our goal is to become the needed change in children’s education, progressing and improving upon the educational framework laid out throughout our great community and, eventually, nation. To accomplish this, we dedicated ourselves and our focus on turning students into outstanding citizens and model neighbors by supplementing their natural tendency to embrace our core values: respect, responsibility, and honesty


Kid’s Village Montessori is breaking through with high value, high-quality childcare services that use leading-edge educational programs conducted by certified, trained instructors. By maintaining an excellent reputation with parents and the community we serve, we are quickly becoming the local standard of education that McAllen deserves.

We teach our students to achieve success by supplying them with a number of opportunities to grow and develop through exploration and experimentation. Our various learning materials, Montessori equipment, and activities are stimulating and age-appropriate, providing your children with spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual enhancement.

We meticulously craft our curriculums to develop children into the young leading citizens of tomorrow, embracing comprehensive educational programs that begin early in your child’s life while shaping their developmental abilities and appreciation in the fine arts and physical recreation, like dancing and basketball, all in one location. 

But our ultimate goal here at the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center is to give you, the parents, peace of mind knowing that your children are comfortable and secure within our premises, receiving the best childcare services in McAllen.

At the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center, our exclusive brand of childcare also focuses on establishing strong academic foundations in children, preparing them for future success throughout their educational journey.

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