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CALL:   956-686-8602

What Is Differentiated Instruction and How Can It Help My Child Learn?

Educators understand that every child learns in their own unique way. Unfortunately, the American education system tends to teach all children the same way. Montessori education does it differently, however. We believe in the value of differentiated instruction. This is an alternative way of learning by which students develop their understanding through observation and a […]

How Do I Know If Montessori School Is Right for My Child?

With everyone stuck indoors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, your child’s education has likely been on your mind more than usual lately. For parents with kids at home, finding things to occupy them has become something of a national pastime. Because your child may not be going back to school for a while, […]

Make It a Super Summer: Three Fantastic Summer Activities Inspired by Montessori

One of the main tenets of Montessori teaching is independence.  Right now, many parents are facing a problem they’ve never dealt with before – there’s no school, no summer school activities, and many kids are spending long periods of time indoors. All this with many parents having to work from home while trying to balance […]

Creating a Social Bubble for Your Child During COVID-19

This year has been challenging for all of us, and not just us adults!  The restrictions and confusion surrounding COVID-19 have affected our children, who may be facing school closures and plenty of days cooped up indoors. Now, with schools back in session in many places, you might find that your kids still aren’t seeing […]