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At the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center, we understand that transparency is important when caring for your children. Below are a few questions that we frequently receive regarding both how we care for your children and what they learn during their stay with us and beyond.


What does Montessori mean?

Montessori is an educational philosophy that was originally crafted by the late and great Dr. Maria Montessori, brilliant educator, physician, scientist, and innovator.


What’s the difference between the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center and other daycares?

Aside from being the Rio Grande Valley’s best option for childcare, there are many differentiating aspects that Kids Village Montessori Learning Center embraces in which the majority of other daycare centers don’t.

Our whole curriculum is based around developing strong foundations in your children within education and the fine arts, shaping them into the well-rounded, outstanding citizens of tomorrow.


What does the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center do better/different than other daycares?

Let’s face it. Childcare is a large industry, and many daycare centers tout that they are the best childcare option for your children for a bevy of reasons. In actuality, all you may be getting with them is basic childcare services and nothing more.

None of them, however, have an extensive plan to set up your children for educational, emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual success, all accomplished through the services that we provide.


What services do you provide?

Everything that we offer revolves around your child’s own rate of development. We encourage them to use the extensions, materials, and activities we provide, which are designed to promote experimentation and exploration at every developmental stage of their childhood.

These programs and activities teach your child to be naturally curious while fostering their tendency to be independent and creative, all cornerstones when it comes to critical thinking.

We also offer full-time childcare, part-time/after school care, and after school athletic programs like basketball and dance.


Which ages/grades do you serve?

From ages 2 to 17 months, our Casa Bambini program nurtures your baby’s need for love and compassion while teaching them early motor skills, coordination, and vocabulary basics.

Our next program is designed for toddlers ages 18 to 24 months. In this program, we teach them about the Montessori methods that embrace our core set of values: respect, responsibility, and honesty. Here, your children will also begin their education in counting, phonics, and practical life skills.

Finally, we also care for preschoolers and kindergarteners between 3 to 5 years of age. We rebuild their learning from what they mastered when they were toddlers while building upon their understanding of mathematics and language arts.


Who oversees the Kid’s Village Montessori Learning Center?

The driving force behind the operations of our institution is attributed to Laura Rocha, an individual dedicated to perfecting the Learning Center’s educational and curricular development. Throughout the years under her leadership, she has been paramount to our success.

For any additional questions, or to enroll your children into the next school year, contact us at (956) 686-8602 today.