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What Is Differentiated Instruction and How Can It Help My Child Learn?

Educators understand that every child learns in their own unique way. Unfortunately, the American education system tends to teach all children the same way.

Montessori education does it differently, however. We believe in the value of differentiated instruction. This is an alternative way of learning by which students develop their understanding through observation and a supportive learning environment. 

At Kids Village Montessori in McAllen, we know that you want the best education possible for your child, and we are committed to providing the highest quality instruction. If you are looking for a school that will meet your child’s needs without sacrificing the quality of education, look no further than Kids Village Montessori.

The Fundamentals of Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction is a form of education that focuses on maximizing education by monitoring and meeting children’s needs. There are a few principles that are integral to differentiated instruction:

  • Appreciation of diverse learners. This principle is key to differentiated instruction. Children learn skills at different speeds and often have natural aptitudes in subjects that their peers may not. Recognizing the strengths of your child will allow us to help them meet their potential.
  • Ongoing assessment. Different children require different types of learning and an ongoing assessment of your child’s progress guarantees that the instruction we give is right for them and their learning style.
  • Group engagement. Collaborating with other kids gives children the opportunity to learn from one another and to develop important team-working skills that will serve them throughout their entire lives. These groups are small and can be changed as needed to ensure a positive learning environment.
  • Problem-solving skills. One of the most common complaints about the current education system is that it only teaches children to memorize facts but not how to think critically to solve problems. Our focus is on the concepts and big ideas of our lessons, rather than a “by-the-book” approach.
  • Self-determination. Differentiated instruction gives children choices in what they read, write, and learn about through negotiation with our instructors. We believe that learning should make children feel empowered and that this ability for them to make decisions about their own education is an excellent way to motivate students.

How Is Differentiated Instruction Implemented in the Classroom?

There are definitely many in-the-moment ways that differentiated instruction is implemented in the classroom, but there are also some techniques common across most Montessori education classrooms. 

The following differentiated instruction practices give your child their best chance to succeed:

  • Using a variety of materials. Presenting ideas visually and audibly gives children more ways to learn.
  • Organized instruction. Structure is incredibly important to children’s learning.
  • Independent reading practice. Allowing children to read what they’re interested in and comfortable with will give them a better relationship with reading and help them learn at their own pace.
  • Applying concepts through discussion. Talking through lessons as a class or in groups gives children a chance to explore ideas and contextualize what they’ve learned.
  • Writing as a way of learning. Writing can be an excellent tool to explore, investigate, and learn.
  • Carefully planned units. Teachers prepare before-hand to meet a variety of learning levels. This is essential to successfully using differentiated instruction in the classroom.

Kids Village Montessori in McAllen

At Kids Village Montessori, we will help your child feel supported and empowered in their own education. We will meet your child where they are at to ensure they maximize their learning opportunities and meet their full potential. 

We recognize and appreciate the unique strengths of each of our students, and we are committed to helping them hone those strengths.

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